Wolf Mountain Diamond Drilling, combines excellence in exploration with a strong environmental ethos. It is quite simply an extension of the success of Wolf Mountain Exploration, which has been operating since September 2010.

Kyle Loney (President/CEO Wolf Mountain Diamond Drilling and Exploration) has amassed tons of entrepreneurial experience since he graduated Union College in Schenectady, New York, class of 2004.

Kyle: “Wolf Mountain Exploration was started as a side job/hobby while I was trying to get another company off the ground. It ended up turning into a full-time job, and in turn a corporation with staff and equipment able to carry out all surface exploration needs.”

The projects they take on range from diamond core drilling, surface sampling (channel bulk), through to line cutting geophysics.

Wolf Mountain takes a cerebral yet fiercely competitive approach to how it takes care of its clients.

“We will provide results beyond anything our competitors could even imagine while leaving an environmental footprint that does not have to be long lasting or even destructive.”